Monday, 27 February 2012

Happy Birthday to us!!!

There has been much to celebrate this month. Of course, the safe arrival of Mitchell Arnison has been a cause for celebration all round, but we will also be celebrating the fact that we have owned Barnton Pharmacy for two years on 1st March! 
Mitchell Arnison

We will be having a party in the pharmacy to celebrate our success, relaunch our new look Alphega-branded pharmacy and also to raise money for Radio Forth 1s cash for kids appeal.

Barnton Pharmacy, a member of Alphega Pharmacy – a support network for independent pharmacies, has been given a facelift inside and out, becoming the first member in Scotland to become a fully branded Alphega Pharmacy store. On 2 March 2012 there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the special occasion.
Customers will find the same great staff and same friendly service on entering the pharmacy, along with its brand new look and feel. The revamped store offers customers a better shopping experience with the store extending some of its ranges, including baby and skincare and complementary medicines. The services Barnton Pharmacy offers include seasonal flu vaccines, minor ailments, chronic medication service, smoking cessation, EHC, diabetes screening, weight management including lipotrim, reflexology  and hearing tests. Both owners, Leanne and Sally are also independent prescribers and run respiratory clinics in two local surgeries but often also offer advice to these patients in the pharmacy too.
Leanne Carey, Director, Barnton Pharmacy, commented:
“We are delighted to have become the first fully branded members of the Alphega Pharmacy network in Scotland who have been integral to the development and success of our store. Revamping the pharmacy is an extremely exciting time for us, enabling us to offer our customers an improved retail experience and more professional environment, demonstrating our commitment to the health and wellbeing of the local community.
Sally Arnison, Director, Barnton Pharmacy, commented:
In addition, since becoming Alphega Pharmacy members, 18 months ago, we have won several awards for our contribution to the local community including the Alliance Healthcare UK community pharmacy of the year and our MP, Mike Crockart, tabled a motion recognising our achievements so we are delighted that he will be cutting the ribbon on this special occasion. We are also really pleased that our MSP, Colin Keir will be coming back to visit us and help us mark this event”
Ian Nicol, Business Mentor, Alphega Pharmacy said:
“After being an Alphega member for 18 months, I am delighted that Barnton pharmacy has decided to become a fully branded member of the Alphega Pharmacy network. By joining Alphega Pharmacy, Barnton pharmacy receives support in retail, dispensing and staff training, as well as having access to more professional services along with many other benefits, while retaining its independent status.
“Pharmacies like Barnton, are in the best position to be providing additional clinical services as they have both the knowledge and expertise to deliver these services, taking the pressure away from GP’s and enabling patients to access them at a time and location which is convenient to them.”

The details:  2nd March 2012 at 2.30pm
Ribbon cutting at Barnton Pharmacy, 195 Whitehouse Road, Edinburgh

To be unveiled by: MP Mike Crockart and local MSP Colin Keir

Thursday, 2 February 2012

A pregnant pause....

By way of apology for the lack of Barnton Pharmacy blogs during January, my best excuses are late pregnancy and self employment.

I am currently writing this at 38 weeks pregnant whilst sipping a lovely cup of raspberry leaf tea from Napiers - but available at Barnton Pharmacy. I can find out more than I probably want to know about my unborn second child from the internet.

My hospital bag is pack with the thanks of Mumsnet "hospital bag for dummies", the birth plan is written and at every twinge my partner leaps into action, only to be disappointed that this child will not arrive when it is convenient for us!

I don't profess to be an expert on pregnancy, childbirth or parenting, but thought it would be interesting to note down what is different this time round?

Well, here we go (in no particular order):
  • I'm nearly 40 (eek!) and things are definitely not as elastic as I remember from last time round!
  • Maternity leave looks very different when you part own a business. Much less sitting on the sofa, reading "Hello" and much more, "I wonder how many things I can tick off the action plan today"
  • My first born is beyond waiting. Time for a nearly three year old is measured by big events and having told him he would be a big brother "after santa" and before his birthday, we now have to answer the daily questions of "Mummy, will I be a big brother today?"
  • It is much harder to agree on a name for a second child than a first child....or maybe that is just us!
  • The birth plan and the hospital bag never even made it out of the car last time round. Fingers crossed for a speedy arrival once things get going.
  • The nearly three year old has far too much energy!

Barnton Pharmacy stocks lots of the things you will need for your hospital bag including: maternity pads, newborn nappies, lansinoh, breast pads, bottle feeding essentials, some lovely smellies and remember to come and have a look at our SMA interactive kiosk to help you with your newborn queries. Our team can help you with practical, no nonsense advice whatever your stage of pregnancy or motherhood.

Wish me luck and see you on the other side!