Sunday, 4 March 2012

Colic and sleep deprivation!

Little M

Looking back, my firstborn son was a dream when it came to feeding.
I found breast feeding easy, little G would take his fill, then fall into a contented sleep. I was a worried mum, though. I remember worrying about how much milk he was getting, whether I was eating the right stuff and how would I know if I was doing the right thing.

Little G is now a strapping, stroppy 3 year old and his baby brother little M is a completely different creature when it comes to feeding. Breast feeding is going well, but is never ending! M is a hungry boy and never seems to be off the breast. He scoffs and scoffs and then wants more, but several minutes after a feed his beautiful face contorts in a red uncomfy gurn, and he lets out a noisy shout to let everyone know he's uncomfortable. He squirms his scrawny legs and contorts himself in all sorts of positions until he manages to free himself of the offending wind from one end or the other. It looks horribly painful for him and in the middle of the night it sounds horrible and keeps us all awake!
Drummer G

I promised myself that second time around I would try not to worry so much about weight gain, feeding and doing the "right" thing according to the current thinking from health visitors, midwives and other well-meaning advice-givers.

So this time round we have tried the dummy very early despite mild concerns it will cause "nipple confusion". It hasn't, but it has given mine a rest, and allows M to get rid of some sucking energy.

We have also tried infacol. Once again, I had my reservations. Could it really work? After all, there is not much to it, but I am a complete convert. The writhing is almost over, or certainly much diminished and M can dine at the milk bar without us having to worry about what is coming next.

You never know, we might even get a complete night's sleep one of these days!!!

Photos: G and M at their current stages....mainly for my benefit.

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