Monday, 5 November 2012

Ask your pharmacist.

Today is the first day of Ask Your Pharmacist Week 2012. This annual campaign aims to raise the profile of community pharmacy and the services on offer.

This year, the focus is on encouraging men to take a more active interest in their medicines, and drawing attention to the pharmacy based services available to them.

According to a new survey by the National Pharmacy Association, there are sharp gender differences in medicines behaviours and men are missing out on free professional help.
The survey of 1,700 UK adults shows:
  • More men than women admit that their understanding of medicines is poor (23.1% against 15.6 women)
  • Men are twice as likely than women to take a new prescription medicine without first reading the patient information leaflet or seeking professional advice (10.9% of men against 5.1 women)
  • A third of men (31%) get their partner to collect their prescription medicines
  • Men tend to rely on their female partners to stock the household medicines cabinet   
  • Nearly nine in ten men say they don’t like to trouble a doctor or pharmacist unless they have a “serious problem”.  37% of people – men and women - worry about taking time off work to seek professional advice when they are ill.
With the help of your Barnton Pharmacyhave a private consultation areas, where you can talk with the pharmacist without being overheard.
Pharmacies are well placed for men because they are generally accessible and less formal– you can just pop in without an appointment. Men and women should feel free to ask at your pharmacy anything about your health and wellbeing – it’s not just a place to pick up pills!

Here are some examples of questions you might never have thought to ask your pharmacist. Is it time you did?
  • Can you tell me about reducing my risk of a heart attack or stroke?
  • I have difficulties controlling my bladder. Can you help?
  • I am worried about cancer. Should I go to my GP?
  • I would like to talk with someone about my sexual health.
  • I am taking medicines for a long term medical condition. Please can we talk about how they work and possible side effects?
  • I am a smoker. Can you help me give up?
  • Is there a local self help group for people with my condition?

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