Thursday, 11 April 2013

School trips and and travel tips

Is your daughter heading to Honduras on a geography field trip or maybe your son is doing his gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.
Is it just me or are school trips a bit different these days? I remember a day trip to the Lake of Mentieth some 20 plus years ago in the name of geography!

Wondering what you can do to help them pack for the trip? We can help!

We now stock a wide range of travel products from Life Systems who are the recommended stockist on the DEA "kit list".

So if you need a knife fork and spoon set, a whistle, compact towel or a water bottle - we have them in stock.

We also have midge repellent - essential for summer in Scotland and tick removers!!

If your kids are off somewhere more exotic, Leanne and Sally can advise you on vaccinations and malaria tablets for you trip. We use the most up to date information from the National Travel Health Network and Centre and will discuss each person's trip individually.

Any vaccines needed can be given on site and without you needing a prescription or coming back at a later date.

Each consultations lasts about 30 minutes and will cost £15 but this will be deducted from any vaccines, tablets or travel products bought.

Give us a call on 0131 339 3449 to arrange an appointment with the travel clinic. We ask you to bring an up to date vaccination history (available from your GP) and allow about 6 weeks before travel. Remember some vaccinations need more than one injection to complete the course. However, even if you are leaving very soon, it is better to start a course of vaccination and have some protection than none at all.

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  1. Great information. Get the proper vaccination to protect your health while you are traveling.