Thursday, 28 July 2011

The mighty midge and other joys of holidaying at home

Like many others this year I am enjoying a short break in Scotland.
Yesterday saw glorious sunshine and 25 degrees! A beautiful day to see the best of Scotland at it's best.
We remembered to apply sunscreen (loving La Roche Posay Anthelios at the moment)

Today was more typical Scottish summer with drizzle and grey skies, but on both days we have been treated to a magnificent display fo wildlife; ducks, peahens, even red squirrels, but most of all......the midge!!
So armed with the best insect repellents on the Market, we decided to see which came out tops.

Jungle formula worked pretty well, but doesn't taste too good.
Avon's skin so soft smells great and is lovely to use
Mossie milk for kids was acceptable to our two year old.

However, we kept forgetting to put it on!!!

In conclusion, insect repellents only work against the mighty midge, if you apply them before going any time of day!
Then I think it pretty much comes down to what smells nice and what you are prepared to pay. Not very scientific, but then, I am on holiday!

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