Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A rose-tinted world

Despite the rain, the world is looking a little brighter from my side today.

I've got new specs and they are pink!
My two small children like pulling my glasses off my face and so I tend to have wonky glasses, buckled and bent. It was time for a new pair, but I resent paying hundreds of pounds for new glasses at my opticians. 

The best bit of all though is that I got my glasses at Barnton Pharmacy and they were only £57!!!

We have teamed up with PharmaOptical to offer you prescription glasses and sunglasses at a fraction of the prices you can pay at your own optician.

Our prices are REALLY competitive and offer you the choice to get a spare pair, a set of glasses to go with an outfit for a special occasion,  a replacement for the specs you lost, a new pair of prescription shades for you holidays or just a treat because you are worth it!

It is really simple:

  • Bring in you current glasses prescription. Your prescription needs to be dated within the last two years. Your optician has to give you a copy of your prescription after your eye test.
  • Choose your frames from our range of contemporary and classic designs in four price bands.
  • Decide what sort of lens you need. We will take a quick measurement for the glasses.
  • We process your order. Your new glasses will be delivered back to Barnton Pharmacy in 2-3 days.
  • We can make any minor adjustments for you here as well.

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