Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Chronic Medication Service - is it for you?

Do you have a long term condition which requires you to take medication daily such as high blood pressure, asthma or osteoporosis?

The Chronic Medication Service (terrible name for a great service) allows you to register with your chosen pharmacy in order to receive pharmaceutical care. For many people this will simple formalise what you have always done.  You have a question about your medication or are concerned about side effects or what medicines you can buy if you have a cold; you ask your pharmacist for help.

What this service allows the pharmacy to do for the first time is keep an electronic record of care given (in the same way your GP does) and share information with your GP if required. 

Another aspect of this service is serial dispensing. This part of the service is for you if your medication rarely changes and you are very settled on your tablets. Your doctor can sign you off for up to a year (normally after your annual check up) and you then simply come to the pharmacy every couple of months for your medication. No repeat prescriptions - no hassle.

If you want to no more about the chronic medication service - call in to Barnton Pharmacy and our friendly team will let you know if it is the right service for you. 

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