Friday, 4 November 2011

When to use a food supplement?

  • Are you really busy at the moment and not eating properly?
  • Are you feeling under the weather or are you recovering from an illness?
  • Are you doing a lot of exercise and feel exhausted as a result?
  • Do you need a pick me up or energy boost?
  • Have you recently lost weight ?
  • Are you not cooking properly for yourself?
If so, you could be undernourished! We are constantly being told about obese Britain and how 70% of us in the UK are overweight, but did you know that around 3 million people in the UK are undernourished?

There are a number of causes for weight loss and undernourishment and serious causes need to be considered, but there are lots of more common reasons which may affect all of us at one time or another:
  • A reduced appetite perhaps after an illness or an operation
  • Stress can cause people to stop eating regular meals
  • Busy lifestyles can lead to food becoming less of a priority for some
  • Athletes undergoing training may not be receiving the correct nutrients to compenste for additional exercise
  • Older people may not require as much food, but care is needed to ensure that what is eaten is healthy and nutritional.
Being undernourished can lead to serious consequences. As well as feeling weak or tired it can lead to a reduced immune system which then means it takes longer to recover from illnesses. All of this can have a real affect on mood.

A healthy balanced diet should include a variety of fruit and vegetables, plenty of calcium rich foods, some carbohydrate and protein. if this is not always possible it may be worth considering dietary supplements such as Complan.

This supplements come in powder form and contain essential vitamins and minerals, calcium, iron and protein. They should be made up with whole milk and taken up to three times a day.

Come and speak to us at Barnton Pharmacy if you are worried about your weight and think you may need a supplement.

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